The Valencian Community

The Valencian Community is an autonomous area located in the east of the Iberian Peninsula comprising of three provinces, Alicante, Castellón and Valencia. The community enjoys incredible weather bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and conveniently accessible in different ways: sea, air and land. These enviable conditions allow both locals and tourists to enjoy many different kinds of outdoor activities. The Port of Valencia is one of busiest seaports in Europe. In addition, Manises Airport is a hub for flight connections that facilitate international and domestic mobility in addition to land connections supported by strong and stable highways and the Autopista del Mediterráneo (limited – access highway).


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Known for its rich cuisine, incomparable beaches and its various tourist attractions: many high quality hotels, museums, amusement parks, rural areas with spectacular mountain landscapes, protected areas as the "Albufera Valencia" a large and diverse ecosystem, the City of Arts and Sciences, the Biopark, landmarks like the Lonja of Valencia, Sagunto Roman Theatre, "the Miguelete" ports of Valencia and Sagunto, pictorial and cultural heritage of Joaquín Sorolla, festivals of international interest as the "Fallas" in Valencia or the "Tomatina" of Buñol, the large number of bars and shops that give life to the streets of our cities, sports centers, universities are in the top of rankings international, and endless possibilities for anyone who wants an unforgettable holiday summery.





Numerous major sporting events such as the Valencia Open 500, MotoGP at Valencia Circuit of Cheste, cultural events, theaters, international exhibitions hosted by the innovative Feria Valencia.



Valencia Open 500 | The Tennis Party of the Community


The Valencia Open 500, is the icing on the cake. It is yet another reason as to why tennis is more than just a sport in the Valencian Community. After more than 10 years of ongoing tournaments, the Open 500 is profiled as one of the best in the calendar. As the date nears the lock of the rankings, it has now become the meeting spot for world star tennis players.





More than 50,000 spectators come each year to the tennis courts to not only enjoy the ATP World Tour circuit, but also the parallel tournaments:


- The National Masters wheelchair, who gathers the greatest in the country


- The Young Pioneers, the first Spanish circuit linked to an ATP tournament, in which the future of the Valencian Community can compete at the end of a circuit and brings together more than 500 children throughout the year


Tennis on the street. A movement which began in 2013 where more than 2,000 people from different regions of Valencian come together.


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The Valencian Community is unique, enjoy it!



Our Players

A large crowd of great professional players endorse a strong track record of tennis in our community; examples of some of them are:

Juan Carlos Ferrero, David Ferrer, Marat Safin, Dinara Safina, Sara Errani, Anabel Medina, Nicolas Almagro, Pablo Andujar, Daniel Gimeno-Traver , Tita Torro, Sara Sorribes, Roberto Baptist, Carlos Taberner, Lola Ochoa, Alex Calatrava, Pedro Martinez, Maria Kirilenko, Igor Andreev, and many others.


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Is it any wonder that so many professional players have formed from within the Community? It may seem so, but if there is an analysis of the situation you can see that it is realistic, because the tradition of tennis in Valencia has always existed, and with that has come great coaches, creation of academies and clubs, the development of great players and a large number of tournaments, both professionals and amateurs alike.

Our Clubs and Academies

In the Valencia there are a multitude of tennis clubs, as well as professional academies and schools who dedicate their work to the training and development in this sport; thus the amount of supply and diversity is very wide, providing options for all those interested in the three provinces: Alicante, Castello and Valencia.


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Beach Tennis

hp-beachBeach tennis is a sport that has emerged from the combination between racket sports and beach sports.   It is played with a racquet or paddle and a ball without pressure. The game is to move quickly, above and within the limits marked, and with one or more opponents. It is usually played in groups as 2-on-2 (best for advanced players), 3-on-3 (for intermediate players and social fun) and 4-on-4 (for beginners and party with friends and family).

 This sport is being increasingly practiced since the International Tennis Federation assumed in 2008 the responsibility and the development of the Beach Tennis Tour throughout the world.

The basic rules are summarized below, along with an introduction video, and the full rule book is also available via the links on this page.

Similar in size to a beach volleyball court, 16m long x 8m wide.


The net is 1.7m in height.

Paddle bats (no strings) and Stage 2 (low compression "orange") balls are used.

Exactly the same scoring system is used as for regular tennis, except with the permanent use of no-Advantage, after Deuce. Plus there is no second service and no service let.

Playing the game 
The game is predominantly played between doubles teams, although singles can be played on a smaller court. Under and overarm serves are permitted and either member of the receiving team may return the service. A point is won if the ball hits the ground in the opposing court or if the opponents hit (or serve) the ball out or into the net.

Click here for the Official Handbook of Rules Beach Tennis 2014

Click here for the Official Handbook of Rules Beach Tennis 2014 – Spanish  

Click here for ITF Beach Tennis Tour Rules and Regulations 2014

Click here for ITF Beach Tennis Tour Rules and Regulations 2014 – Spanish 

Beach Tennis Phenomenon

Beach TennisDo you love exciting, fun, and non – stop action in sports? How about long sunny days at the beach? Lucky for you this can all be found in the popular sport of Beach Tennis. The combination of volleyball and fast pace tennis has been a ragging phenomenon throughout Europe and has now captured the interest of United States. But why is this sport taking the world by surprise and becoming an international sensation?

The history of Beach Tennis began in the 20th century where it was introduced by Italians. The sport was recently made popular in the 1980s and by the early 2000s it spread throughout the world starting with Europe and now the United States. Beach Tennis appeals to mostly anyone who encounters the sport because it is easy to play, it can be played on any surface, during any season, and it is open for all ages.

Although the sport can be played on any surface, it was given the name “Beach Tennis” for a reason. Playing this sport on sand is rigorous, thrilling, and entertaining. The game is naturally a social sport and designed to keep the rally and excitement going. Beach Tennis has recently been internationally recognized by the International Tennis Federation and continues to be growing worldwide.

The Community of Valencia has amazing beaches, landscapes, and a mild Mediterranean climate where tennis is favored sport. So, why not take a vacation to enjoy it all while playing beach tennis? Visitors are welcomed any time! For more information visit

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Why Train In Spain?

David FerrerThe Valencian community of Spain has produced some of the most top tier tennis players over the years, including both men and women. Amongst these players are some of the most skilled and accomplished tennis players to ever live; David Ferrer, Roberto Bautista, Dinara Safiuna, ect…

Spanish tennis techniques are regarded as so state-of-the-art that Scottish star Andy Murray chose to train in Spain. Growing steadily in popularity, tennis is becoming the new “it” sport in Spain. So if you're a native of Spain, wanting to visit, or are aspiring to play tennis professionally then Valencia should be your number one choice!

Due to Spain´s year round incredible climate and long sunny days, tennis lovers can play outside for most of the year. With the growth of the sport, Valencia offers thousands of courts for people to visit and train. Valencia also offers academies, beach tennis, and tournaments for you to join or think about training with.  For more information on how to book your next trip to Spain visit our website:

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All – Time Greatest Valencian Tennis Players

Spain has overall produced some of the best tennis players ever to live, both men and women. More specifically, the community of tennis in Valencia has been recognized for the development of numerous elite professionals and world – class success. Here is a brief list of some of the greatest Valencian Tennis players to ever live:

Juan Carlos Ferrero:


A former world ranking no. 1 professional tennis player. Known for his aggressive style, he has distinguished himself as an all – around all – court tennis player taking 16 career titles. Here are just a few of his career highs;

  • 2001 Winner of the Rome Masters Series Finals
  • 2002 Winner in the Monte – Carlo Master Series Finals
  • 2003 Winner of the Grand Slam Finals at the French Open. 

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 David Ferrer:

David-FerrerCurrently ranking #6 (2014) in the world on ATP rankings, was born in Xábia, Alecante, Spain. David Ferrer is arguably one of the best clay-court specialist. His career winning percentage on clay is 71.6. Ferrer remains consistent and is believed to be in top 3 by the end of the year. He has taken 21 Career Titles and came in 3rd for ATP rankings last year. Some of his career highs; 

  • 2013 Runner – up of the French Open 
  • 2012 Winner of ATP Masters in Paris
  • 2011 Runner – up ATP Masters in Miami  

For more of his career stats click here.

 Anabel Medina Garrigues:

AnabelMedinaGarrigues1Currently active, resides in Valencia Spain, Highest Rank was No.16 in 2009. Garrigues has won 11 single titles and 18 double titles including the back to back French Open titles in 2008 and 2009. Like many Spanish tennis players, Garrigues is known for being a court specialist on clay courts. Here are some of her career highlights:

  •              2011 Runner – up Tournament of Champions Finals
  •              2008 Olympic Games Finals taking home a Silver Medal
  •              2008/2009 French Open Doubles Winner

For more of his career stats refer to the link above.

There is no secret as to why The Community of Valencia has produced some of the greatest players in tennis history. Above is only a glimpse of the kind of talent Spain has produced. The great weather, longer days, and elite training academies are the essential to the community. For more info on how to plan your next vacation or tennis training visit our tenis online website! You won´t regret it! 

Written By: Amanda Cadena