All – Time Greatest Valencian Tennis Players

Spain has overall produced some of the best tennis players ever to live, both men and women. More specifically, the community of tennis in Valencia has been recognized for the development of numerous elite professionals and world – class success. Here is a brief list of some of the greatest Valencian Tennis players to ever live:

Juan Carlos Ferrero:


A former world ranking no. 1 professional tennis player. Known for his aggressive style, he has distinguished himself as an all – around all – court tennis player taking 16 career titles. Here are just a few of his career highs;

  • 2001 Winner of the Rome Masters Series Finals
  • 2002 Winner in the Monte – Carlo Master Series Finals
  • 2003 Winner of the Grand Slam Finals at the French Open. 

For more of his career stats click here.

 David Ferrer:

David-FerrerCurrently ranking #6 (2014) in the world on ATP rankings, was born in Xábia, Alecante, Spain. David Ferrer is arguably one of the best clay-court specialist. His career winning percentage on clay is 71.6. Ferrer remains consistent and is believed to be in top 3 by the end of the year. He has taken 21 Career Titles and came in 3rd for ATP rankings last year. Some of his career highs; 

  • 2013 Runner – up of the French Open 
  • 2012 Winner of ATP Masters in Paris
  • 2011 Runner – up ATP Masters in Miami  

For more of his career stats click here.

 Anabel Medina Garrigues:

AnabelMedinaGarrigues1Currently active, resides in Valencia Spain, Highest Rank was No.16 in 2009. Garrigues has won 11 single titles and 18 double titles including the back to back French Open titles in 2008 and 2009. Like many Spanish tennis players, Garrigues is known for being a court specialist on clay courts. Here are some of her career highlights:

  •              2011 Runner – up Tournament of Champions Finals
  •              2008 Olympic Games Finals taking home a Silver Medal
  •              2008/2009 French Open Doubles Winner

For more of his career stats refer to the link above.

There is no secret as to why The Community of Valencia has produced some of the greatest players in tennis history. Above is only a glimpse of the kind of talent Spain has produced. The great weather, longer days, and elite training academies are the essential to the community. For more info on how to plan your next vacation or tennis training visit our tenis online website! You won´t regret it! 

Written By: Amanda Cadena